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  1. Greetings,

    I was wondering what happened to My Nemesis? I had followed that webcomic to the last page you had completed, but blackwaverising does not exist anymore, at least not under you. I was wondering whether you were going to continue work on the project for Kal fans sometime in the future, and if not, if there was a My Nemesis archive out there somewhere. Thanks.

    Tyler Sweet-Desbiens

  2. Long time follower, I have had a question bugging me for some time. While the Colodin Project seems a great long term investment of your talents, I am curious to know what your intentions are toward My Nemesis and its continuation. While I know the site was taken down some time ago, no anouncement was made to my knowledge as to whether it was officially disbanded or just put on hiatius. The comic was always at the top of my list, with a story rivaled by very few. Any word on its future status would be appreciated, however, should it indeed be a casualty of “bigger and better things”, I would ask the oppertunity to get those pages made after the first book for my archives, if possible. Thank you for your consideration, and keep up the excelent work.

  3. Ken Krekeler is my idol. I bow to his genius!

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